TLDR: Live for free in one of our global Edyfi locations and receive a $1000 grant to explore your work and change the world.

Some Thoughts on University:

We have collectively subscribed to a paradigmatic scam in which four years and hundreds of thousands of debt is expected, and dissent is heresy. After years of trial and error, schools have converged on “the lecture” as the pedagogy of choice, and yet, we entrust them.

When talking with many of the brightest and most curious young minds, it seems, though, that they just choose university for two reasons.

TLDR: As creators grow, their workflow becomes more complex and taxing. The solution: build a team. However, today’s landscape is not so amenable to finding, hiring, and managing one. Where do we go from here?

Today’s creators have to manage many skillsets and a complicated workflow.

They ideate content, write scripts, film and edit shots, engage with their audience, monetize with brands, optimize with data, and everything in between… it’s exhausting.

Over the past several months, I have talked with over a hundred creators and there is a clear pattern that has emerged:

A Change in Fandom

A little over a decade ago, I watched the Suite Life of Zack and Cody nearly every day of the week. As a seven-year-old, I was a obsessed with the show’s actors. One week at school, I heard that Mr. Moseby was distantly related to a classmate of mine — I took that fact as a token of my own stardom.

In the Disney treadmill, young actors like Dylan and Cole Sprouse, went from little social profile to hundreds of thousands of fans. They were either broadcast to the many TVs in America’s home, or they were not. In this…

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